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Your Professional BitLocker Data Recovery Software

BitLocker is a security feature that allows users to protect their computer’s file system. The software encrypts disk drives and their contents so other users cannot see them, even if your computer was stolen. However, unlike other saved files, BitLocker-encrypted files are not easily recovered when lost or accidentally deleted. You will need a special application rather than the usual data recovery apps available in the market. M3 Data Recovery is a tool made specifically for BitLocker-encrypted files. It is a professional application that can help you get back lost or deleted files from computer and external drives protected by BitLocker encryptions.

How the App Works

BitLocker recovery is a process wherein users restore access to the data stored in a BitLocker-encrypted drive whenever they cannot unlock them the normal way. M3 Data Recovery is perhaps one of the best applications out there that offer easy recovery of deleted or lost files from BitLocker-protected drives. The program is so simple that it only requires three easy steps.

Upon installation, you only need to launch the app on your computer. Then you need to select the drive that you wish to check. The app will then prompt you to provide the password or the 48-digit recovery key before it can scan the entire drive. Users must note that M3 Data Recovery cannot start the scanning and recovery process without the recovery key or password. Once scanned, you can now preview the found files and start recovering your chosen files.

Keys to Successful Recovery

Unlike other file recovery applications, M3 Data Recovery requires intact BitLocker metadata, as well as the recovery key or password for it to work. The software needs the recovery key to decrypt not only the data drive but also the OS drive, due to the TPM or the trusted platform modules.

However, when your password and BitLocker recovery key are not working, this means that your drive has been corrupted. You need not worry, though, because the app can still work, as long as the metadata is intact, and the password and key are correct. If there is physical damage to your drive, that is the time that you have to send it to the local data recovery service because it will be beyond the capacity of any data recovery software.

If the metadata is corrupted, you can no longer decrypt your device because the metadata stores the password and the recovery key when encrypting the drive. Recovering data from BitLocker-protected storage is a complicated process. Users will have to try and try until they recovered the files they lost.

Helpful Yet Complicated

M3 Data Recovery is a great addition to your computer tool kit if you protect your computer with BitLocker. The app can let you recover files lost due to accidental deletion, formatting, or even virus infection. You can even use it to get files from inaccessible partitions. However, while using the app is simple, the scenarios in which it can work can be a bit complicated. Moreso, it is so very dependent on the recovery key that you cannot do anything about your lost files without it. If you lost that, too, you might as well kiss all your important data goodbye.

Bitlocker drive data recovery and Bitlocker repair software

M3 Bitlocker Recovery is the world's first free Bitlocker data recovery software for damaged, corrupted, failed, inaccessible, formatted, deleted or lost Bitlocker encrypted drive.

As Bitlocker repair tool alternative, M3 Bitlocker Recovery provides an easy-to-use and friendly UI to make operations very simple. It can recover files & folders from Bitlocker encrypted volume, allows to repair damaged, corrupted, failed, inaccessible Bitlocker encrypted drive and then extract data from Bitlocker drive as long as you have original Bitlocker recovery key or encryption password generated when Bitlocker encrypted volume created.

As Bitlocker partition recovery software, M3 Bitlocker Recovery can easily recover deleted or lost Bitlocker encrypted drive, recover Bitlocker encrypted volume which shown RAW file system and then extract encrypted data.

As Bitlocker data recovery agent alternative, M3 Bitlocker Recovery can easily recover data from damaged, corrupted, failed, inaccessible Bitlocker encrypted drive. M3 Bitlocker Recovery is also unformat software which can recover data from formatted Bitlocker encrypted drive as long as the Bitlocker encryption metadata is not wiped after formatting.

M3 Bitlocker Recovery is also a Bitlocker crack tool and Bitlocker decryption software which can help you decrypt data after Bitlocker drive encryption/decryption process failed, stuck, interrupted, terminated, hung, froze due to power failure, disk I/O error or other uknown reason.

M3 Bitlocker Recovery supports Bitlocker encrypted hard drive, external hard drive, memory card, USB flash drive, memory stick, etc.

M3 Bitlocker Recovery supports to Bitlocker encrypted volume created in Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10 and Windows Server 2008/ 2012.

New features in M3 Bitlocker Recovery 5.5:
1. Enhanced lost Bitlocker encrypted volume recovery algorithm
2. Support data recovery from 2TB+ Bitlocker drive
3. Newly designed & intuitive user interface


  • Free to Use
  • Simple File Recovery Process
  • Recovers Files Even from Failed BitLocker Disk
  • Can Recover Data Even After BitLocker Encryption Failed


  • Very Dependent on the Password or Recovery Key
  • Does Not Always Recover All Files

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M3 Bitlocker Recovery Free for PC

  • Free

  • In English
  • V 5.6.8
  • 4.4

  • Security Status

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    Good bitlocker recovery software, saving my data from failed bitlocker drive.


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